ME (Lars)

Hello, welcome to my website!
My name is Lars Konings, and at an early age I was already born in Nijmegen, Holland. After some wandering around I currently see myself as a musically oriented moviemaker and therefore I want to introduce myself as such.
I don’t see my self (Lars) as done, finished, but as a human being – whatever that means – in the making. Well, at least I can tell you about some events in my life that occurred along the way.
In my twenties I studied classical piano and played in various ensembles. At that time I also worked in several theater productions as a musician/actor and developed my filming/editing skills by creating TRAILERS, PORTRAITS and MUSIC VIDEOS, which I do now for a living.
Besides working as a freelance moviemaker I’m currently working on a documentary about the meaning of life. In the TRAILERS section you can see a short impression of what is about to come. It’s my own initiative, together with violinist Stefaan de Rycke. It will be an inquiry into what people think about life and how they give meaning to their lives. Metaphysical, philosophical, but most of all by and for people, and with plenty of music, needless to say.